About the pplan
The pplan is a non-commercial horizontal volunteer project. In 2022 people who became our founding members realized: there was a problem. Russian attack on Ukraine forced many people to migrate. But migration comes with challenges, especially without a stable income, it is hard to feel secure. But how can one find and secure a job in a foreign country? So, that is where we help: we provide mentorship and support for Ukranian professionals who navigate a new job market.

We are

25+ core-team members —> If you want to join the team, check our vacancies page
300+ mentors
10+ partnering non-profit organizations all over Europe

How we help

Think about us as a hub for mentorship. We work with mentors and mentees, connecting them. Mentees are those who come to us for support. Whether they are recent graduates, mid-career professionals, or individuals seeking to transition into a new field, we accept all requests and see how each case can be addressed uniquely.
Mentors are you — people with expertise in your field in a certain country.
Our task is to understand what each mentee needs and to connect him or her with a fitting mentor.

We strive to provide our candidates with continuous guidance instead of a single meeting and we root for our candidates. It happens that our mentees become friends or colleagues with their mentors.
Why we do what we do
Our mission is rooted in the belief that mentorship can be a transformative force.
It can be supportive, and empowering, giving a feeling that you are not alone. Sometimes even a small piece of information can be crucial and help ace that one dream job interview. We try to make sure that every mentee gets access to guidance, support, and valuable insights to navigate the complexities of the job market.

Other support we provide

Skill Enhancement:

Through workshops, webinars, and support materials, we equip mentees with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the job market. With the help of our mentors, we organize CV proofs and mock interviews.

Job Search Assistance:

While this is not our primary activity, we can help spread the mentee's CV or forward a fitting job position we know about.

Free English courses:

Our partners provide English lessons for Ukrainians for free - on all levels!

Networking Opportunities:

Our community provides a platform for mentees to connect, network, and learn from professionals in various industries.
For any questions, feel free to write
to us at these contacts:

Our Partners
We are open to cooperation aimed at adapting immigrants from Ukraine to new circumstances. Our organization can be useful to public organizations involved in adapting refugees in Europe, as well as companies that hire immigrants from Ukraine.